Zemstvo Issues

Luga District

St Petersburg Region

Chuchin lists 23 main types of stamp for this issuing authority, which were first issued between the years of 1869 through to Soviet issues in 1918.

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Catalog Image Notes
Ch 12   Chuchin lists for 0.75.
Ch 13   Chuchin lists for 0.60.
Ch 13a   Chuchin lists for 5.00.
Ch 14   Chuchin lists for 2.00.
Ch 15 Chuchin lists for 0.50.
Ch 16   Chuchin lists for 0.50.
Ch 16a   Chuchin lists for 10.00.
Ch 17 Chuchin lists for 0.25.

M, opened for $2.50 and three people bid up to $5.01 (Aug 00).

MNH, opened for $4.50 and closed with no bids (Nov 00).

unnumbered at end of Chuchin's list ie Ch 18-23 eBay described as :  "1919.RSFSR. Only one in the Soviet period legitimate Zemstvo issue. Luga district (Petrograd government). Full set of six, no gum as issued, postally fresh. This issue (in a very small circulation) circulated just about three weeks and was prohibited by the Central Government of RSFSR. All stamps in the Luga post office (just one office existed) was destroyed. This set listed in Schmidt (Germany) Zemstvo catalog. These stamps are extremely rare offered particularly in a full set. The estimated price is $450-500.00"  Chuchin refers to them but no price is shown.

Opened for $200 and closed with no bids (June 00).

Same stamps opened for $120 and closed with no bids (Aug 00).

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