Zemstvo Issues

Kuznetsk District

Saratof Region

Chuchin lists five main types of stamp for this issuing authority, which were first issued between the years of 1880-1904.

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Catalog Image Notes
 Ch 1

 Chuchin lists for 0.75.

MNH, opened for $25 and closed with no bids.  Note that the seller claimed a Chuchin value of 5.75 and that the stamp was rare.  (Nov 00).

MLH, opened for $7.50 and two bidders took up to $9.50.  Note that the stamp - being sold by a different seller - was mis-identified again (as Saratof 1)

Ch 2 Chuchin lists at 0.50.

Used, opened for $5 and four bidders took it up to $8.70 (Aug 00).

Used, opened for $5 and sold for that price (Sep 00).

Ch 3 Chuchin lists at 0.30.

Used, opened for $3 and six bidders took it up to $6.78 (Aug 00).

Ch 4 Chuchin lists at 0.25.

M, opened for $2.50 and six bidders took it up to $7.33 (Aug 00).

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