Postage Stamps of the Soviet Republics 1917-1925

By Godfrey M White


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I was extremely fortunate to find an original copy of this for sale at Stanley Gibbons in London, several years ago.  I think they were selling it, back then, for something like 18 or thereabouts (US$27).

Because it is long out of copyright, I have carefully photocopied this (enlarging it 15% while doing so to make the text and images more readable) and can make available copies to you in loose 8.5"x11" format (each sheet has two pages of the original book copied onto it on one side and the other side is left blank).

If you could find a copy of the original, you'd be paying $27 or more for it.  But now you can get a high quality copy from me for less than half the price!

For details on this classic book about stamps written contemporaneously with the actual period it covers, please read my review on it.  It is an excellent addition to your reference library.

Asking price - $12

Please click here to send me an email if you'd like to buy this lot.


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