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As you may have seen, I feature some sets of stamps for sale as individual items, but in addition to that, I have a large (my wife would say too large) inventory of duplicates that I'm keen to trade or sell.

Give me your want list and I'll see what I can fill from it for you.  Your want list should show Scott numbers, and state preference for either mint or used, and, if the mint/used option that you want is not available, whether you'll accept the other type or not.

I'll quickly reply with a list of what I can fill.

My duplicate stamps vary in quality from 'poor' to 'excellent'; when I'm filling an order I simply take the best that I have of each stamp at the time.

In general, most stamps should be considered heavily hinged, as a lot seem to have been taken from old collections where they have been hinged into albums, sometimes repeatedly. In the case of higher value stamps I am pleased to individually report on quality and condition issues, of course.

I ask a very fair 50% of the current Scott value when filling orders to suit.  On occasion if I have a really bad stamp, I'll offer it for less as an 'album filler', and if I have a very good quality higher value item then I might seek to negotiate a price closer to true market value with you.  But, for most material, it is yours at 50% of Scott - this really is a wonderful way to quickly fill some gaps in your album.

Asking price - usually 50% of current Scott

Please click here to send me an email if you'd like me to try and fill some of your want list.



This page last modified on May 15, 2010