300 Years of the Russian Navy

An 18 stamp minisheet with first day cancel


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Here's a lovely set dating from 1993 that celebrates 300 years of the Russian navy by showing six famous Russian ship designers and images of some of their ship designs.

Oh yes - the designer in the top left hand corner?  That is none other than Peter the Great, who among his many other talents not only founded the Russian navy but also designed ships - indeed, he even built his own small boat by hand entirely by himself, too!  Truly a remarkable man in many ways.

These stamps are valued by Scott as a set of six for $3 mint and $2.25 used.  It seems to me that having these lovely first day cancels on them should add to their used value, and because they have never been postally used, they remain with OG and are NH.  Furthermore, Scott values them on the basis of six from the total sheet of 18 - surely the complete sheet with printed selvedge on all sides is worth considerably more again?

In any case, the base Scott price before adding any adjustments for these stamps is $6.75.  My price is less than one third of this.

Asking price - $3.00

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