Palace-Museums in Leningrad Folder

A lovely tri-fold card color folder containing MS 5523


Front of the cover and the added band shown below

Part of the inside

Another part of the inside showing the mini sheet contained inside a clear black-backed plastic mount

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Here is a lovely tri-fold presentation folder made out of light cardboard that contains a 1986 mini/souvenir sheet (Scott 5523) featuring former Royal Palaces in St Petersburg that have now been transformed into museums.

When originally printed, St Petersburg was still known as Leningrad, so they have added a slip-over wrapper piece (that I show at the bottom of the cover) to give some history of the name change as a bonus. Although the piece was printed in Russia, all writing is in English. A bit of the history and background of each of the five palaces is provided.

This is all the more interesting as it shows an attempt at "marketing" and actively adding value to the stamps themselves - quite an amazing concept in Soviet Russia!

(Note that the scans are limited by the size of my scanner's scanning area so I can't easily show you the entire piece and its full size sides).

I hope you’ll agree this is a lovely piece that adds considerable value and interest to the stamps alone. The stamps are mint and never hinged.  Scott suggests the stamps are worth $3 by themselves, surely the presentation folder must at least double the total value? What do you think?

I bought the entire stock of these in the one shop in St Petersburg that was selling them a year or two ago.  The "entire stock" was only 15, so they truly are rare.  I'm willing to sell the few that I have remaining for the price of the stamps alone.

Asking price - $3.00

Please click here to send me an email if you'd like to buy this lot.


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