1992 Definitives with First Day Cancels

Eighteen different issues, 72 stamps


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Here are eighteen different blocks of definitive stamps (72 stamps total) that were issued in 1992, with each block having a beautiful perfectly centered lovely cancel dating to the actual first day of issue!  All stamps are original gum and never hinged, having never been postally used.

This was a fascinating time in Russian history, being the first definitives issued after independence at the end of 1991, and with inflation starting to rage.  This can be seen from the huge range of values in this partial set, ranging from a low of 10k to a high of 500R (that is 5000 times more than 10k - all within the same year).  The particular stamps offered here are not the full set of definitives, and are listed in Scott as 6060, 6060A, 6061-&, 6067A, 6068, 6068A, 6069, 6070, 6111, 6114, 6119 and 6121.

Of particular note are the last two stamps, the 250R 6119 and the 500R 6121.  This latter stamp is given the second highest valuation by Scott of any stamp issued since independence ($13 M, $9.50 used) and the 250R is also given a very high value.  Frankly the idea of these definitives having such a high value seems extraordinary, and I guess that what happened is with inflation happening at such a rapid rate, these two stamps got very little use before the postal rates changed and they no longer matched any rates.

Scott values these stamps, using their used category, at a total value of $19.15, and I wouldn't mind betting that a premium should be added for these lovely stamps in such excellent condition and with their special cancels.

However, they can be yours for only $4.50 - less than one quarter of regular catalog price.

Asking price - $4.50

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