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Wrangel South Russia Issues

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The forces commanded by General Peter Wrangel represented the "last hope" of the non Bolshevik Russians, but alas, was of little effective use in combating the spread of the Bolsheviks.

On 4 April, 1920, General Denikin resigned his command of his volunteer forces to General Wrangel.  He raised a volunteer army in Crimea and from June to October of 1920 reoccupied the Taurida Province. The Bolsheviks counter-attacked and slowly beat him back, until on 15 November 1920 when General Wrangel had to flee Sevastopol, the last city he held in Russia.

At that time he, his army, and his supporters all fled to refugee camps in Turkey, where a different style of overprinted stamps were issued.  These are considered in a separate section.

During their time in South Russia they issued six main stamps, all being surcharges of pre-existing Russian stamps.

Scott includes these stamps in their separate country section on South Russia (numbers 53-59).  Stanley Gibbons and Michel both have separate sections for them.



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eBay described as nine South Russia stamps M.  Note that the stamp second from the right on the bottom row looks like a Don Cossack issue.  Opened for $1 and sold at that price (July 00).





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