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Wenden Local Post

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Livonia is the small highlighted part of this map of European Russia

Wenden was part of the former Rusian province of Livonia, and subsequently became part of Latvia under the name of Vidzeme.

Wenden local stamps were used for local district deliveries, and for delivery to the Imperial Russian Post Office.  Additional Russian stamps were required to be added to then cover the on cost of postage from the Imperial Post Office to its final destination.

SG lists 16 different stamps issued in the period 1863-1901 in a separate section (p302).  Scott lists 12 different stamps in a series of "L" prefixed stamps at the end of its Russia section.  Michel lists 12 stamps also at the end of its Russia section.

It is important to appreciate that Scott values the cancelled stamps on the basis of pen cancels, and says that postmarked examples sell for considerably more.  SG values cancelled stamps on the basis of postmarked specimens, and says that pen cancels are worth about 40% of the postmarked specimens, which would suggest that Scott prices should be multiplied by 2.5 to convert from pen cancels to postmark cancels.  Michel generally shows prices for both pen and postmark cancels, with the relativity being close to the 40% factor suggested by SG.

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eBay a lot comprising the selection of stamps shown on the left plus seven covers which interestingly showed Wenden and imperal stamps side by side opened for, ahem, $400, and closed with no bids (Aug 00).


L9 or 11

  Pen cancelled, opened for $1 and three bidders took up to $3.25.  Scott values at either $8 or $2.50 (Aug 01).





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