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USSR & RSFSR Revenue Stamps

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Image Notes
A large eBay lot.  Described as :  1926 USSR Broadcasting development tax (Tax on receivers), triangles. 10 values. USSR 1950's-1980's various Radio tax stamps. Abonement stamps (quarter month payment) // Radio Mounting payment (large size, some scarce) // Penalty for overdue payment // TV abonement payment. Total 71 revenue.

Opened for $65, three bidders took it up to $92 (May 00).

Another extensive eBay lot.  Described as : RSFSR - chancellery tax. USSR - 192? State Registration 30 kop. (repaired, but scarce!) Other 1922, 1925 and 1928 court fees. 1930 provisional 30 k on 2 k (faults). Total 20 revenues.

Opened for $50, four bidders took it up to $100 (May 00).

Taken from an eBay auction.  Description reads

1920. RSFSR. Special local Moscow edition of revenue stamps just for local usage. Scarce set.

Opening bid was $50, sold for $80 (May 00).

Taken from an eBay auction.  Description reads

Early USSR (not RSFSR as described somewhere!) special revenue stamps edition for additional payment to court fee. Each text in 7 languages accordingly to 7 Soviet Republics in USSR. The rarest two values 1kop and 2kop (very hard to find) are in this set included.

Opening bid was $40, sold for $43 (May 00).

Taken from an eBay auction.  Description reads

RSFSR : 1918. The first year of RSFSR. Special local edition of revenue stamps for usage in the Moscow City Hall only. The St. George killing the dragon - allegory on the 40kop stamp (two different colors each one). Very scarce set.

Opening bid was $20, sold for $36.50 (May 00).

Taken from an eBay auction.  Description reads

USSR 1925 :  The first All Russian edition revenue stamps for general usage.

Opening bid was $20 and it sold for this amount (May 00).

eBay described as LUGA, 1918, 1 and 3 Rub. 1926 NORTH CAUCASUS REGION, complete set of three: 10 and 20 kop, 1 Rub. 192? MINERAL WATERS - 1 Rub. 1924 KUBAN _ BLACK SEA AOBLAST, 5 kop chancellery Tax. 1924 STAVROPOL, Chancellery Tax, 5 kop. 1923-25 DON OBLAST/OKRUG, 5kopx2 and 5 Rub. 1926 BLACK SEA DISTRICT, 2 Rub resort tax, corner copy. 1925 LENINGRAD GUBERNIA/OBLAST, 5 kop. Chancellery Tax. VIATKA GUBERNIA. Chancellery tax, 5 kop.: perf and imperf. 1917-18 NIZHNY NOVGOROD - personal registration tax NV, surcharged "20". 1918 YAROSLAVL -personal registration tax, 2 Rub. Total 18 rare revenues.  Opened for $180 and sold at that price (June 00).
eBay described as "Set of 11 revenue stamps with views of style of life in USSR. Issued for distribution in foreign Ambassies in Moscow. First stamp depicts the portrait of the first Soviet President Mr. M.I.Kalinin. Second stamp depicts I.V.Stalin (General Secretary of the Communist Party of USSR) and K.E.Voroshilov (The general Komandor of Military Forces of USSR, Marshal of USSR) on the board of the ship at the opening of the canal Volga-Moscow river). This is the first stamp in USSR which depicted the portrait of Stalin !!! Third stamps depicts group portrait of the teem which settled on the ice camp on the North Pole: Papanin, Krenkel, Shirshov and Fyodorov. The tens stamp depicts the portrait of M.Gorky -the world famous great writer of Soviet. Very scarce and rarely offered set."  Opened for $100 and two people bid up to $103.50 (June 00).



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