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Post Offices in Turkey

Scott 23 - 48

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Russia issued a variety of stamps in Turkey between 1863 and when the post offices closed down on 30 September, 1914 (Russia and Turkey were on opposite sides during World War 1).  Scott has a section on "Offices in the Turkish Empire" at the end of their main Russian section.

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S 24  
S 28  
S 29a eBay MLH opened for $10 and three people bid it up to $20.  Scott does not show a value for this stamp but other inverts in the same set are valued at $30 (June 00).
S 38, 39 MLH opened for $7.50 and five people bid up to $15.50.  Scott values at $20.95 (July 00).
S 43  
Note :  Scott's listings from 232 through to 376 - Wrangel issues - are shown in the separate section on General Wrangel.




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