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Russia/USSR Overprints

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Issues and Overprints 1917-1924 or thereabouts


Image Notes
Taken from an eBay auction.  Description reads

Russia.  General Miller Mi #I-VII used.  Cplt set of 7, f-vf used. Michel Cat 35DM

Opening bid was $5.  Sold for $26 (May 00).

Taken from an eBay auction.  Description reads

South Russia Proofs :  Eight diff trial color proofs incl unissued 25r and 50r; og, f-vf.

Opening bid was $9, sold for $26 (May 00).



Issues and Overprints from mid 1920s up to Independence


Image Notes

A set of five stamps, issued in 1930, with an overprint "ODVA" (transliteration).  One of the stamps is very clearly postmarked Samara, 12 November 1930.

One suggestion from Merlynd Nestell (who bought these stamps at an eBay auction) is that the overprint might stand for something like Odlenie Dalne Vostochnoi Armii - ie, Division of the Far East Army.

The seller of the stamps has now confirmed that this is so (although I don't entirely consider the confirmation to be completely authoritative), but I've moved this from the mystery page to the solved page. If anyone can offer more information, that would be appreciated.

Merlynd purchased the stamps for $12 not because he carefully appraised the value but because he didn't know what they were, and was willing to spent that much as a speculation.




Modern Overprints around Independence (~1991)

Image Notes
Taken from an eBay auction.  Description reads

1992. Local issue in St.Peterburg and Leningrad oblast (region).Only one issue on legal grounds in all Russia, which had a legitimate use. A set of six MNH stamps with inverted surcharges. Very rare. Just 200 copies of each error issued. I bought these stamps directly from the director of this issue Mr. Leonid Katz in his office in S.Peterburg at 1993. Only one dealer in USA (except me) sells this errors for $350.00 per set(see price list of Frank Geiger). The bayer will receive from me a copy of the article from "LINN'S" about how to recognize the forgeries. I absolutly garantee the authenticity this set. 30 days money back garantee if the stamps are no so as described. Reduced start price.

Opening ask bid was $150 and it sold for this price (May 00).

Here's a really unusual item.  Described on eBay as Rare Russian - West Ukrainian city Uzhgorod Unlisted Local Overprint 1993- Bats.  Opened at $10 and two people bid it to $19 (May 00).




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