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Russia/USSR Postal Issues

Scott 5300 - 5504

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S 5324a eBay MNH opened for $25 and two people bid up to $29.  Scott gives no value and shows the individual stamps worth 60c each. 
S 5376a eBay MNH opened for $10 and two people bid to $12.  Scott values at $15 (June 00).
S 5379-83 MNH opened for 1c and, ooops, sold for that price! :)  This does show quite graphically that if you offer stamps with a low opening price, well, alas, sometimes they are going to sell for that and no more.  While in truth these stamps are very low value, worth way much less than Scott's price, to sell the five of them for 1c probably came as a bit of a shock to both buyer and seller!  Scott values at $2.90 (Aug 00).
S 5386a eBay MNH opened for $4 and four bidders took it up to $6.56.  Scott doesn't value this but each stamp is valued at 50c (June 00).
S 5440a eBay MNH opened for $2.25 and sold at that price.  Scott mentions this but doesn't price.  The individual stamps are priced at 75c each suggesting a minimum price for the sheet of eight stamps in excess of $6.00 (June 00).

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