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Priamur and Maritime Provinces
Anti-Bolshevist Govt

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On 26 May 1921 a revolt of White Guards occurred with Japanese connivance in Vladivostok, and a dissident "Provisional Government of the Priamur" was set up.  From that time an anti-Bolshevist government asserted an ever dwindling authority in the Priamur and Maritime provinces until the Japanese evacuation of Vladivostok on 25 October 1922.

Stanley Gibbons lists issues in a separate sub-section as part of the main Siberia part of their catalog.  Stamps are numbered from SG61 to SG126.  Scott lists in their Siberia section (which mercifully is in the same volume as Russia!).

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S 62 SG 78

Described as "VFU: A fresh and very well centered example of this rare stamp, surcharged for use in Siberia. Very light neat cancellation, perfectly centered surcharge and deep rich colors. Signed on reverse and accompanied by Romeko certificate. Attractive and VF."  Opened for $825 and closed with no bids.  The full Romeko certificate was also shown.  Scott values at $850 (Nov 00).

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