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Kuban Territory Cossack Govt

(South Russia)

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The Kuban Republic Cossack Government was created in October 1917, and in the spring of 1918 it declared its independence from the RSFSR.  General Deniken recognised the government as a valid independent territory on 28 August 1918, and it remained more or less in place until his army was forced to evacuate Novorossisk on 27 March 1920.

A number of valid and postally used stamps were issued during this time period.  Scott lists these issues in a separate country entry for "South Russia" (stamps numbered 20-49).  SG and Michel both have a section.

Catalog Info



S 20 A block of four, MNH, opened for $2.95 and closed with no bids.  Scott (97) lists for 50c each (Sep 00).

A block of six, MNH, opened for $1.88 and closed with no bids (Oct 00).

S 24, 26, 27 eBay used opened at $1 and six people bid up to $6.75.  Scott (97) values at $6.50 (June 00).
S 29 M 15 SG 17 eBay M opened at $5, three people bid to $11.50.  Scott in 97 valued at $25.  Michel values at DM100, SG at 30 (June 00).
S 20-22 27 35 36 38 45-46 MNH opened for $0.50 and four people bid up to $6.60.  Scott values at $12.19 (Aug 00).

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