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General Miller's Northern Army 

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Regrettably my normal sources have failed me about this Civil War splinter group, and all I can currently determine is that General Miller had some sort of force in the North, and prepared a set of seven stamps which according to Scott were never issued (Scott mentions them at the end of their Russia listing along with other civil war issues).  Counterfeits also exist.

The stamps are also referred to in Michel, but I seem unable to locate a reference to them in SG.

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S 1-7

This complete set of these stamps was described as "lightly cancelled" - an interesting situation for stamps that were apparently never issued!  Opened for $2.50 and four bidders took up to $32.  Scott values at $25 (Aug 00).

Another set of these seven stamps was offered for sale in July 01, also featuring light cancels.  They were offered along with seven Army of the Northwest issues (mint) and closed with no bids at $75.

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