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Catalog Image Notes
S B10 Missing perf on right hand side.  opened on eBay for $75, closed with no bids.  Scott values a regular B10 for 35c.  (May 00).

Same item opened at $50, two people bid it up to $51.  (June 00).

S B16 eBay described as "Double print, mint lightly hinged. Rare error. Michel DM 250 (~$125.00) Special Russian net catalog (V.Liapin, Moscow 1999)- net price $150.00".  Opened for $80 and closed with no bids.  Scott values regular stamp at $2.50 (June 00).
S unlisted after B51 eBay described as "See set Scott # B48-51. Supposed to be a part of this set. But the STAMP DESIGNER USED PHOTO OF LEO TROTSKY'S SON - 3 months later Trotsky was expelled from Russia".  Note that a different stamp with Lenin's son was substituted - a much safer choice!  Opened for $12 and three people bid it up to $21.50.  Valued in Liapin for $14-18  (July 00).

Another one, opened for $13 and two people bid up to $18.50 (Aug 00).

Another one opened for $16 and closed with no bids (Nov 00).

Two of these stamps, described as one with watermark and one without watermark, both MNH, opened for $4 and six bidders took up to $31 (ie $15.50 each) (Jul 01).

S C20 var M397 SG579d eBay described as "Famous Soviet stamp. The 10 kop "Dirigible over tundra" double impression stamp on left and regular for comparison. Signed. Mint lightly hinged - no hinge remains."  Opened at $100 and sold for that price (note regular stamp was not included in this price).  Scott values regular stamp for $4.75 and makes no mention of the double impression, neither does Michel.  SG does refer to this stamp but does not price it.  (May 00)

Cinderellas/essays - the "Volga Famine Relief" set of stamps from Odessa that weren't issued - see note after Michel 176, unlisted in Scott.  Created in 1922.  A mint lot opened for $1 and two people bid up to $3.26 (Aug 00).

A set of the seven stamps, MNG, plus also an imperf 250R (the red one) opened for 1c and three people bid up to $16.50 (Aug 00).

Two sets - one perf and one imperf, opened for $10 and sold at that price (Oct 00).

Two sets, both perf and imperf, sold on a 'Buy it Now' basis for $9 (Jul 01).

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