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Errors, Freaks and Oddities

Scott 2003 +

Note - in most cases, clicking on the image may open a larger copy of the image for better inspection.

Catalog Image Notes
S 2632 A printing error as depicted.  Made more interesting by the presence of a postmark.  Opened for $10 and sold at that price (Nov 00).
S 3024 var SG 3119 eBay described as MNH "Different Size Error".  Opened at $5 and sold for that price.  Scott lists the regular stamp at 50c and makes no reference to different sizes.  SG says "the width of the design varies between 45mm and 49mm" but makes no distinction in its value for the different sizes, valuing at 75p.  (June 00).  I suspect that this was sold for more than it is truly worth, and for that reason won't color it red.
S 3260 Missing year and value - believed to be 1966 and 4 kop.  eBay described as MNH and VF.  Opened at $25 and closed with no bids.  Scott values regular 3260 at 15c each.  (May 00)
S 4842 Shifted printing.  Used (CTO, I think).  Opened for $10 and closed with no bids.  Scott values the regular stamp at 20c (Nov 00)

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