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Errors, Freaks and Oddities

Note - in most cases, clicking on the image may open a larger copy of the image for better inspection.

These are stamps which have an error such as a missing perforation, or a missing color from the printing process, or something else.  Usually they won't appear in the Scott catalog, and probably won't appear in the other main catalogs either, indeed, I'm using as a rule of thumb, that if Scott lists the stamp, it is a "mainstream" stamp, and if it doesn't, then it maybe might be an EFO.

Note that the concept of when something moves from being a "mainstream" stamp to an EFO stamp is rather subjective.  There are some stamps in the regular listings that perhaps should better belong here, and maybe vice versa too!

Be sure to check the regular listings too if you're looking for a particular type of error on a particular set or era of stamp.


    Part 1  -  Scott 1 - 104

    Part 2  -  Scott 105 - 199

    Part 3  -  Scott 200 - 301

    Part 4  -  Scott 302 - 604

    Part 5  -  Scott 605 - 2002

    Part 6  -  Scott 2003 +

    Part 7  -  Scott BoB and unclassified/Cinderellas etc


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