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Denikin South Russia Issues

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After some earlier activitivies in the region, General Anton Invanovich Denikin became commander in chief of the Volunteer Army and was in charge of both political as well as military affairs, with effect from 8 October 1918.

By 13 October 1919 his forces had captured Kiev, Orel, Voronezh and Tsaritsyn.  The inevitable Bolshevik counter-attack beat him back down into the Crimea, and he resigned his command in favor of General Wrangel at that time on 4 April, 1920.

Scott includes these stamps in their separate country section on South Russia (numbers 61-71).  Stanley Gibbons and Michel both have separate sections for them.

Note - Scott valuations shown are using their 1997 catalog.

Catalog Info



S60-71? SG38-48

eBay described as Scott 60-71, mix of mint, used and CTO.  Opened for $1 and two people bid it up to $4.08.

There is a mystery about this.  My only Scott catalog with South Russia in it (1997) does not show a #60 - the yellow stamp is not featured.  Similarly my new SG also does not refer to this stamp, and the dreadful scan makes it impossible to tell anything more about what this mystery stamp may be.  (June 00).

S 65 tete beche

eBay M opened for $50 and closed with no bets.  Scott values a tete-beche pair for $65 and the stamps by themselves (for the other two) at 15c each (July 00).

S 61-64, 66-71

Described on eBay as a set of 61-71, it is actually missing 65 - even simple counting would show that the numbers don't add up!  Described as MH.  Opened for $1 and three people bid up to $2.25.  Scott values at $4.25 (Aug 00).

S 61-71

MNH, a collection as shown on the left.  Opened for $7.25 and two bidders took it up to $15.50. Scott values at $5.15 (Nov 00).

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