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eBay described as " - 1944 cover with US Military Mission in Moscow cc, franked with Russian stamps, sent via diplomatic pouch to Washington, "AM-M from FC" pouch service marking, stamps tied by Washington cancel; crayon signature at left is probably the censor marking. Scarce."  Opened for $30 and three people bid up to $36.  (May 00)


eBay described as "RUSSIA: Infla cover from Odessa, sheet frank, September 1922 registered cover, Odessa to Germany, franked with 45x3k gutter block (almost two panes) - that's 1,350,000 rubles in 1922 currency, useful specialist item!"  Opened for $25 and sold at that price.


eBay described as "This card carried a package (christmas present?) from Stanaya-kriusha to Voronezh on 15 Dec 1920 by 19 X 7R = 133R + 20 X 3K X 100 = 60R + 2 X 50K = 1R fo a total of 194R. The 3K Arms were valued at 3R but the 50K were face value. There is a 12 Jan 21 arrival mark on the back. This is an interesting item from a rare postal period."  Opened for $10 and three people bid up to $35.50 (June 00).

eBay described as "This is a registered letter that was mailed from Moscow, Soviet Union to New York, United States. It was mailed on June 2, 1941 and received in New York on October 2, 1941. It has a registration label on the front left side. The cover is a Soviet postal envelope with a 30 Kon value like Scott #736. It was franked with one more stamp (Scott #827) on the front and three more (Scott #809 & 838 (x2) ) on the back. The cover was torn open on the right side, and for some reason the bottom 1/4th of the front cover was cut out. There is a light paper clip stain on the top left corner. Despite the faults this is still an interesting cover since it comes from the time period when the Soviets were under the gun from Nazi Germany."  Opened for $0.50 and three people bid it up to $5 (June 00).  Note there are two clickable images on the left, one for the front and one for the back.
eBay described as "Russia airmail to France - Fine cover franked with air mail michel no: 397 and 369 to Paris, France."  Opened for $8 and closed with no bids (June 00).
  eBay described as "An attractive array of stamps carried this New Years greeting card (unopened but I have another one that is) in a registered cover from Vladivostok to Ohio on 27 Dec 1932. It traveled by air to Moscow then to Berlin, New York, Cleveland and Willoughby Ohio, according to the various transit marks. From Ohio it was forwarded to Chandler Arizona."  Opened for $5.50 and four people bid up to $51.75 (June 00).
  eBay described as "Airmail Moscow to Berlin 1927 :  This 2 July 1927 airmail is franked with a 2K and 2 X 14K (Sc #295 imperf pair) for 30k total. Berlin 'Luftpost' backstamp and Moscow CDS front and back."  Opened for $15 and three people bid up to $28.50 (June 00).
  eBay described as "COVERS- 12 RUSSIA 1920's(5),1930's, mostly transoceanic includes registered. no long covers, some fault, mostly fine condition."  Opened for $5 and six people bid up to $17 or $1.42/cover (June 00).

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