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Post Offices in China

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Russia opened a series of Imperial Russian Post Offices in China, the first being opened in 1870, and additional ones being added in 1897 and subsequently during the Russian military occupation of parts of China 1900-7.

Regular Russian stamps were used prior to 1899, and then a series of overprinted stamps were released, initially bearing the word "Kitai" on regular Russian issues, and subsequently having a value in cents or dollars overprinted.

The last stamps were issued in 1920.

Scott lists these stamps at the end of its Russia section, and Stanley Gibbons and Michel have separate sections.  Scott shows 80 major types, SG 66, and Michel 61.

Catalog Info



S 58
SG 50
M 43

Used, opened for $1 and sold at that price.  Scott values at $15, SG values at 3.50 (about $5.25) and Michel at DM6 (about $3) - a rare example of Scott pricing higher than SG and Michel (Aug 00).

S 63

Two blocks as shown of seven stamps plus whatever you choose to call the other piece - interesting to see that it, too, has been surcharged, and probably worth a premium because of this.  MNH.  Opened for $3.50 and four people bid up to $11.50 (or $1.65 a stamp).  Scott values each stamp at $1.25 (Aug 00).

S 66 invert

Described on eBay by a Professional dealer as "Russia PO China 1917 $7 on 7r "Invtd Ovpt" (#66var) MLH: An exceptional example of this exceedingly rare stamp - only 25 issued - having superb centering and very rich colors. Expertizing mark on reverse and offered with our usual full guarantee. A gem rarity. Unlisted in Scott, mentioned in Yvert and catalogued #41Ab in SG but unpriced."  Opened for $3000 and closed with no bids (Aug 00).

S 68a

Described on eBay, offered for sale at the same time and by the same dealer as the S66 invert above, as "Russia PO China 1917 $5 on 5r "Invtd Ovpt" (#68a) MLH: A very well centered and fresh example having an inverted overprint. Expertized on reverse. Fault free and VF."  Opened for $180 and closed with no bids.  Scott values at $250 (Aug 00).

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