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Civil War Issues

These subsections comprise various issues during the 1918-23 period by breakaway groups in the Civil War, Russian Post Offices abroad, etc.

The period from the October Revolution in 1917 until the emergence of the USSR in 1923 was marked by one of the most complex and devastating series of mini-civil wars and regional conflict in history.  Various White Russian factions fought against the Bolsheviks, splinter groups such as the Don River Cossacks and adventurers such as the leader of the Western Army all attempted to set up their own regimes.  Concurrently the Czech Legion roamed at will over much of Siberia, interventionists held much of the Far North, the Caucuses and the Far East, and various ethnic groups attempted to set up their own republics in the Ukraine and the Caucuses.

One unattributed source (handwritten notes in an old album!) claims that beside the Soviet government there were twenty one different stamp issuing authorities in the territory of the USSR during this complex time.

Just to show off, I can currently name at least 22 - Amur Province, Armenia, Army of the North, Army of the Northwest, Azerbaijan, Batum, Czech Legion, Far Eastern Republic, General Wrangel's Refugee Post, Georgia, Karelia, Kuban Territory, Priamur, Siberia, South Russia, Tannu Tuva, Transbaikal Province, Transcaucasian Republic, Ukraine, Western Army, Western Ukraine and White Russia - or even more, depending on what one counts and does not count as separate issuing authorities.

As I get information and images, I'll add sections for however many different issuing authorities as may be found.

Here is an interesting map showing the furtherest advances of the various breakaway armies during the civil war period.


Amur Province

A single series of five stamps issued in Oct 1920.

Army of the North

A series of five stamps prior to it joining with the Army of the Northwest.

Army of the Northwest

A series of approximately 14 stamps


A series of just over 50 stamps

Denikin South Russia Issues

Fifteen stamps issued while General Denikin was in charge of the South Russian Volunteer Army

Don Territory of South Russia

The Cossack Government established in this area

Far Eastern Republic

A series of 60 stamps

General Miller's Northern Army

A set of seven stamps never postally issued/used

Kuban Territory of South Russia

The Cossack Government established in this area

Priamur and Maritime Provinces Anti-Bolshevist Govt

Just over 60 stamps issued in 1921-22 in the Vladivostok area

Siberia - Kolchak Issues

Ten stamps issued by the govt of Admiral Kolchak

Trans-Caucasian Federation

Issues of 1923

Western Army

Active in Latvia in 1919

White Russia

Also referred to as Belorussia.  These stamps are believed to have never been postally used, but the complete set is shown here for identification purposes

Wrangel Refugee Issues

Issues from Gen Peter Wrangel's army and refugees subsequent to them abandoning South Russia (see below for stamps issued while in South Russia)

Wrangel South Russia Issues

Issues from Gen Peter Wrangel's army while in command of South Russia prior to fleeing to Turkey

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