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Until 1375 Armenia was an independent Kingdom, and then it was taken over by Turkey and Persia who ruled it until the early nineteenth century when it become somewhat more complicated!  The Persian part was taken over by Russia in 1828, and then Russia added a chunk of the Turkish part as well in 1878.

On 28 May 1918 Armenia declared its independence.  Territory lost in a Turkish invasion was regained after the defeat of Turkey in World War 1, but Ardahan and Kars were given back to Turkey in 1920.  Another disputed area around Batum and Baku on the Black Sea was ruled by a British Occupation Force (see the Batum section of the Civil War issues).

On 2 December the Armenian government resigned, to be replaced by a short lived coalition government with the Communist forces.  This coalition was overthrown on 18 February 1921 and a second nationalist (or "Dashnak") government was formed.  This did not last long - on 2 April 1921 the Bolsheviks recaptured Yerevan and a Soviet Republic as part of the USSR was formed.

This separate republic was then replaced on 12 March 1922 by the "Transcaucasian Federation of Soviet Republics" which was a union of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

On 1 October 1923 Armenia ceased issuing its own stamps, which were replaced by staps of the Transcaucasian Federation, which were in turn replaced by regular USSR stamps.

But wait - there is more!  On 23 September, 1991, Armenia declared itself an independent republic once more and left the Soviet Union.  It issued its first new stamps on 28 May 1992.

Stanley Gibbons includes a section on Armenia in its Specialised Russia catalog.  I imagine that Scott and Michel also have sections on Armenia in the appropriate parts of their catalogs too.

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eBay described as 

ARMENIA TWO RARE HIGH DENOMINATIONS 1920 VF MLH, SIGNED! : Two VF MLH stamps, both with overprint 100 Rubles, both signed Richter, DM 4000.00 (~$2000.00), very rare!

Opened for $400 and closed with no bids (June 00).

S 295

eBay described as Armenia #295 and probably CTO rather than postally used.  Opened for $5 and five people bid up to $13.00. (Aug 01).

S 298

eBay described as Armenia #298 Mint.  Opened for $1 and four people bid up to $4.50.  Scott is reported to value at $10 (July 00).

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