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Army of the North

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The "Army of the North" was one of the breakaway groups, more or less derived from Estonian forces, that fought against the Bolsheviks.  General Rodzianko was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the forces in February 1919.  Subsequently this group was merged into the larger Army of the Northwest.

In May it captured Pskov, Gdov and Yamburg.

There are five stamps issued by this force.  Scott lists them in a special section, Stanley Gibbons include them in their section on North West Russia, and Michel list them in their section on the Northwest Army.

Here is a dreadful scan of the issues.  As soon as I get a better scan, I'll replace this, but for now, it can at least give you a feeling for sort of what they look like!
An interesting set of blocks of four, with postmarks.  Opened for $9.50 and four people bid up to $20.51 (Aug 00).


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S1 M15 SG1    
S2 M16 SG2    
S3 M17 SG3    
S4 M18 SG4    
S5 M19 SG5    




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