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Pochta - The Journal of the Australia & New Zealand Society of Russian Philately

The modern age has arrived.  A single CDrom is available from the above Society that contains all 28 issues of their Journal, dating from December 1986 through to the most recent issue.  Their Journal is published twice a year in January and July, and it is an impressive testament to what I suspect is a small society that they have managed to honor this schedule without break in the almost fifteen years since its inception.  As a former New Zealander myself, a hearty vote of appreciation to all involved!

Note - I have an earlier copy of this CDrom with only issues 1-26 on it.  A new copy with issues 1-28 plus additional valuable material is expected shortly and will be reviewed at that time.  This additional material comprises links to contents pages of :

  • British Journal Russian Philately  (issues 1-83)
  • Canadian Society Journal - The Post-Rider (issues 1-46)
  • Rossica Journal (issues 94 - 134)
  • German Society Journal - Pochta (issues 43-52, 57-71).



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