Travel Information

In addition to my interest in Russian philately, I have another interest and vocation - travel writing.

Here are links to some of the pages on my two travel web sites.  I hope you might find something of interest.

The Travel Insider Home Page
My Travel Insider web site has hundreds of articles and resources to help you travel more comfortably and conveniently, to save you money on air fares, and generally to help you every which way.
Travel Insider main travel articles page
This page takes you straight to most of the helpful articles and information about how to save money and travel better, that I've published.
Airplane Types and Seating Layouts and Engines and Other Information
Several readers asked me for a page that lists most popular airplane types and provides information about how many engines it has and how many seats.  I created a page and now, to my surprise, it is the most popular page on the website, scoring near the top of Google hits and bringing 100 or more people in to the site every day.
Noise Reducing Headphones including reviews of Bose and Noisebuster and other types of noise cancelling headphones
Noise reducing headphones, also called noise cancelling headphones, are a wonderful technology that makes it easier to clearly listen to music and movies while on a plane or other noisy environment.  My series of articles that review different brands of noise reducing headphones have become another firm favorite on the site.
International Cell Phones and GSM cellphones and information about using US cellphones in other countries
It is easier and easier to stay in contact with friends, family, and business contacts while traveling overseas.  This series of articles provides strategies and suggestions for the most cost effective ways of staying in contact.



This page last modified on May 15, 2010