An Introduction to Scanning

Electronically Sharing Your Stamps

  These days you don't need to travel hundreds of miles and/or wait months or years between stamp exhibitions.  Showcasing your stamps, and inspecting other people's stamps, is as easy as scanning them and then sharing the images you've created - either by email or by using one of the many free photo web display services.

But - is scanning easy?  Yes and no.  There are increasingly scanners being sold as 'one button' scanners with fully automatic software that will automatically optimize the images it makes.  Or so the advertisements tell us.

The reality is that there is a bit of art mixed in with the science of scanning.  Here are two sections - one with some comments on how to choose a scanner, and the other with some comments on how to get the best results once you've bought it.

Choosing a Scanner

Using a Scanner


This page last modified on May 15, 2010