Russian Weather Information

Cold winters for sure, but believe it or not, the winter can be the best time of year to visit!


Wintertime snow is common, and the dachas or summer vacation houses are usually left empty over the winter.

Outdoor markets are bright and lively, full of color, on a nice sunny day

We probably all have mental pictures of the Russian winter - that ravaging natural force that destroyed the massed armies of both Napoleon and Hitler. It is hard to think of such weather as anything other than uninviting and hostile. However, the surprising truth is that many people consider the middle of winter to be the best time of year to visit this wonderful country! Why?

Winter in Russia is a fairy tale wonderland of all the beauties of freshly falling snow and delicate ice. You can expect fresh snow every day or two, and little rain. Some winter days will be marked with beautiful clear skies, and the sun shines down and sparkles off the snow and ice. Many of the grand buildings are designed and colored to look their best in the snow, with the pure white of the fresh snow contrasting gently with the pastel colors of the building exterior. Best of all, few people appreciate this delicate side to Russia's beauty, and you'll find little tourist congestion and the best values, both in airfares to travel to Russia and then for accommodation once you arrive!

Okay.  So, if you don't like snow, never fear.  Russia has other warmer weather treats also in store for you.  Their summers are warm, sometimes hot (but sometimes also cold) and usually very enjoyable.  Perhaps the best feature of Russia's summers are their extraordinarily long days.  This is most celebrated in St Petersburg during what they call their "White Nights" period - in late June the sun barely sets at night before quickly reappearing again, and the sky never gets totally dark because of this.

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