Other Links of General Interest

Remember also our general travel section is full of all sorts of links to Russian themed things

Russia Today
An excellently presented daily on-line newspaper about Russia.
Sovietski Collection
Expensive but nearly unique Russian gifts ranging from former Kremlin silver tea spoons to army surplus to now collector item type Soviet memorabilia.  Well worth a browse.
Romanov Russia
Amazing Russian antiques - don't ask me how they were taken out of Russia.  If you have any interest in Imperial Russia, then you'll find these items incredibly tempting!
Inside Russia
A site about Russia published by the Wash DC conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation.
A live camera shows realtime images of the Kremlin - I think it must be mounted on or about the Rossia Hotel.  Wonderful views over Red Square, St Basils, and the Kremlin Walls.
St Petersburg Webcam 1
Ah - to be back in St Peterburg.  This webcam, updated hourly, looks along one of the canals to Nevsky Prospect.
St Petersburg Webcam 2
Bonus - not only a webcam looking onto Nevsky Prospect, but also offers realtime Realvideo of the street if you click on one of the two webtv icons.  Amazing.
Weather - Moscow
Four day forecast and current conditions.
Weather - St Petersburg
Four day forecast and current conditions.
Dazhdbog's Grandchildren
A much more "human" approach to Russia and the internet than many other sites.  Worth a visit even if you can't pronounce its name!
On-line Dictionary
A bit of a gimmick, but if you don't have that Russian-English/English-Russian dictionary lying around, it is a great substitute.  It also saves the difficulty of remembering the sequence of letters in the Russian alphabet when looking up Russian words (!) but you of course have to have your computer "Russified" first.


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