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Do some "desk research" via these links.

Yes folks, it is your tax dollars at work!  The US Dept of Commerce's "Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States" is a comprehensive starting point for a strange array of information - some helpful, some marginal (you want to know about energy efficient windows - great!).
Moscow based web site offering a mini-yellow pages in English and a business yellow pages in Russian.
Russian Business & Trade Connections
Monthly magazine with some business articles and market analysis.  Not much content, but a nice archive of back issues.
PACIFIC Exchange Rate Data
This is the one of the best exchange rate data service that we've found yet on the Internet, handicapped only by not giving realtime rates (they are usually a day old).   Not only does it give daily rates but it also has excellent charting for historical and cross-currency rates.  Now, if only it could predict the future!  Note that there is no such thing as an absolute exact exchange rate, but this gives a consistent base from which to observe relative movements and trends.
Traveller's Yellow Pages Online
Very comprehensive listings of Moscow and St Petersburg businesses.
The St Petersburg Times
Our favorite English-language Russian newspaper, published in our favorite Russian city.   Nicely presented, weekly updates.
The Moscow Times
A sister publication to the St Petersburg Times.  Another good English language source of current information.
Russian-American Chamber of Commerce
A comprehensive source of info from a valuable organisation.  Go have a look if you think it might be of value to your operation.  Includes excerpts from their magazine.
RIS Publications
The best source for books, maps, videos, etc on Russia.  An essential source of stuff prior to any journey to Russia.  Also publish Russian Life magazine - glossy and non substantive, but good background reading.
Palms & Co
An interesting site maintained by a gentleman that has had lengthy and occasionally challenging, complex involvement with Russia at many levels for a long time.  His email newsletter gives an opinionated commentary on some of Russia's very real challenges.
Russia Online
Provide a useful service for people visiting Russia and wanting Internet access.  Click on the Services button and follow the obvious choices from there for more details.
Immigration Attorneys Siskind, Susser, Haas & Devine
Helpful general information about obtaining visas to the US
Another Good Immigration Site
More helpful information about obtaining US visas and official maintainers of the Visa FAQ


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