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The purpose of this part of the website is two-fold - to assist you in identifying stamps (by way of having color scans to compare your stamps to) and to assist you in valuing stamps, whether you be a potential buyer or seller.  While there are some limitations on the auction realized price data presented, hopefully it falls closer to the category of "some is better than none" rather than the category of "a little information is a dangerous thing"!

Auctions that sell for 10% more than catalog value have the entry highlighted in this garish red color.  It hopefully gives a quick visual indicator of what is "hot" price-wise.

Several of these sections relate to revenue stamps, which generally are not covered in the catalogs, but which are sometimes mixed into lots of stamps, and then leave the collector puzzled and unable to identify the stamps accordingly.

Then there is information on the local or zemstvo issues of Russia prior to the revolution, plus information on some of profusion of confusing issues during the civil war period.

Others are simply "ordinary" stamps chosen semi-randomly from reviewing eBay auctions.  In total there are in the order of 150 pages of data, giving you a fairly extensive (but alas not complete) database of material to refer to.

Hopefully these endeavors will occasionally assist, and that the value information may also be approximately indicative of whether you have valuable or ordinary stamps.

I'm adding new realized sales data just about every day, so come back often to check values!

Helpful Related Resources

Interpreting Auction Results
You'll quickly see a wide range of realised selling prices for the same stamp - how can you use this information to build an understanding of what is a "fair price" to buy and sell a stamp for?  This section gives some advice.
Stamp Value Trends
Trends in stamp values on eBay between May 2000 and July 2001.
How Much is my Stamp Collection Worth?
Probably less than you think.  Sorry.  Here are some ideas on this question that many people have asked me.
Buying/Selling Strategies
Some ideas on how to buy and sell stamps at the best value
Catalog Numbers by Year of Issue
A table showing the different catalog numbers assigned by Scott, Michel and Stanley Gibbons for each year's stamps from 1857 - present day.
Identification Problems
Some important introductory comments about some of the challenges and limitations of identifying stamps.
Information on experts and the expertizing process.
Note on Catalogs

From May until advised below, I have been using Scott's 2000 catalog, Michel's 95/96 catalog, and Stanley Gibbons' 5th edition (Dec 99) Russia catalog for comparative reference values.

From 1 August 2000, I have started using Michel's 1999/2000 catalog.

From 1 September 2000 I have started using Scott's 2001 catalog.


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