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Welcome (privet) to over 400 pages about Russian philately - stamps, covers, postmarks, postal history, revenues, images, values, and anything (everything!) else related to the subject.

Please consider this your central resource for all aspects of Russian philately - both with original material provided by ourselves and with helpful links to other Russian specialty sites.  Thanks for visiting, and please visit again.  We're always adding to and improving the site!  :)

A History of Russian Philately

A history of the development of the postal service and stamps in Russia, dating all the way back to the 800s.

Stamp Images and Values

A section containing images and valuation data (usually based on eBay trades) on stamps, zemstvos, back of the book issues, and some revenues too.


A fascinating and much neglected aspect of Russian philately - stamps issued for local (rather than national) postal service.

Book and Catalog Reviews

Opinions and reviews on some of the different reference material available to collectors of Russian philately.

Mystery Stamps

A "display room" for you to post images of stamps you can't identify, and for you to assist other people identify stamps that have them puzzled.  A cooperative offsite service coordinated by the WSRP for the benefit of all Russian philatelists.

Buying and Selling Stamps

Our hobby is unusual because we can conveniently be both buyer and seller.  Here are some thoughts on the strange seeming vagaries of stamp values and how to optimize the spread between what you buy and sell stamps for.

WSRP Message Board

A direct link to a discussion board at the WSRP (and hosted on one of our servers) shared by its members, other philatelic society members, and "ordinary people" too.  A great place to ask questions and to get helpful answers.

Reference Library

Includes a Links section, a site search engine, and a wonderful index to articles in philatelic journals.

Some Sidebar Things

Just like a side-bar to an article in a magazine, here are some side-bars to the main part of this web-site.

An Introduction to Stamp Collecting
Not so much the "how to" but rather the "why" of stamp collecting.
Trading Lists
My "want" list and some items I have for sale, too.
History of the Web Site
A convenient way to track what's new on the site.
General Info on Russia
If you're interested in the stamps, perhaps you're also interested in the country as a whole.
Reading Russian
A quick "how to" on learning to read and pronounce Russian words.
About Me
In case you wondered.
My Travel Websites
In case you're interested.
Privacy Policy
Short, simple, and sweet.
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